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Beyonce Knowles is an American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress and model. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Beyonce rose to fame in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B girl group Destiny's Child.

In 2003 Beyonce released her debut solo album, Dangerously in Love (2003), which became one of the most successful albums of that year, and signaled her viability as a solo artist. The album earning her five Grammy Awards in 2004. Her sophomore solo album, B'Day, released in 2006, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. Her third solo album, I Am… Sasha Fierce, was released in November 2008, and included the hits "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", "Halo" and "Sweet Dreams".

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Beyonce Knowles finished her final encore and thanked the audience in the arena and left the stage blowing air kisses at her fans as they yelled their approval and thanks. Sweat dripped from her long athletic body, soaking the tiny white, lacy bra top and miniskirt she had sang her final two numbers in. She smiled as her entourage and other backstage congratulated and praised her performance but was finally relieved to reach the sanctuary of her dressing room. It was a awash with bouquets and flowers as this was the end of her tour and she could look forward to a well deserved rest and holiday.

The bunch of flowers that obscured her mirror was huge and gave off a funny smell. It was sickly sweet and seemed to lodge in Beyonce's nose and sent a flush of excitement throughout her body. She looked at the card but it was just signed 'M. xxx.'

Beyonce smiled as she smelled the flowers, intoxicated by them and wondered who had sent them. She managed to pull herself away from them and the messages of good luck and congratulations to go and shower and change. She emerged tired but refreshed in a short black dress, her long legs looking typically stunning and headed back to her hotel. The night before she had held her end of tour party so that tonight she could head back to her posh hotel and get a good night's sleep before heading out on a two week break in the Bahamas.

The plush hotel was five stars and then some; her massive suite took up the entire top level of the hotel and had every luxury you could imagine. She left her bodyguard behind and gratefully opened the door to her suite and slipped inside. She kicked off her shoes and slipped her little dress off her shoulders revealing her amazing figure clad in nothing more than a tiny black thong.

She headed straight to the bathroom where she intended to have a long, relaxing session in the large Jacuzzi that dominated the centre of the huge , tiled room. She came up short however, when upon entering the bathroom she saw the head and shoulders of someone already in the Jacuzzi. Beyonce nearly turned to call for security before she recognised that it was a woman in her tub and coughed to announce her presence. The woman turned around and to Beyonce's surprise she saw that it was none other than fellow diva, Mariah Carey. They had met at a couple of previous concerts and award shows and always got on alright. Mariah seeming not to consider her younger, prettier and more talented rival a threat to her.

"Um Mariah? What are you doing here?" asked a perplexed Beyonce.

Mariah spoke in a low , sexy voice as she rose from the gently bubbling pool, "Hey Beyonce, sorry to shock you but I was in town for your gig and thought I'd some on over here and catch up with you" at that point Mariah stood up straight and revealed her curvaceous body in a bright, stars and stripes string bikini. The water cascaded over her ample breasts and her tanned body looked sumptuous in the subdued light.

Seeing Mariah standing there like that reminded Beyonce that she herself was topless and she self-consciously used her arm to cover her nipples, before reaching for a white dressing gown that hung on the back of the door. She didn't quite understand what Mariah was doing here, Ok they weren't enemies like so many of the female singing community but they were hardly drinking buddies either. Mariah stepped up and out of the hot water and came over to Beyonce, who struggled to keep her eyes off Mariah's incredible curvy body. As Mariah drew nearer Beyonce could smell how wonderful the older woman smelled, and how it was the same aroma that had enraptured her from the flowers earlier and she seemed unable to resist slipping into a joyful, blissful haze as Mariah moved in close to her and, wordlessly, pressed her large, soft lips onto Beyonce's and began to sensuously kiss them. Then Mariah's tongue began to invade Beyonce's mouth and she offered no resistance, indeed seconds later her own tongue probed back into Mariah's mouth and the two superstars seemed lost in each others warm embrace and lip lock.

They kissed for a long time and it was Mariah that broke the moment and keeping her eyes locked on the younger woman's she led her by the hand back into the main suite and towards the huge king-sized bed at its far end. Mariah was definitely in control and she wasted little time removing the dressing gown and tugging its belt from the loops. Beyonce stood there and Mariah sunk to her knees before her and gave a small moan of anticipation as Mariah's teeth slid gently over her lower belly before hooking into the top of her thong at the front and began to gently pull it down to reveal a thin strip of pubic hair above a her small pussy.

Mariah completed the move and as Beyonce stepped out of the underwear she stood up with the damp panties hanging from her mouth like a bone in a dog's eager mouth. Mariah took them from her mouth and gave them a lingering sniff as she stared straight into Beyonce's dark eyes, smiling. She gave a little noise of appreciation and pushed Beyonce onto her ass on the edge of the bed. Mariah again dipped down and this time put her head between Beyonce's legs, her long hair tickling Beyonce's inner thighs , and slowly ran her tongue along the length of Beyonce's clitoris.

Beyonce gave an involuntary shiver at the pleasure this gave her and felt genuinely disappointed when Mariah did not continue but rather stood up again and slowly peeled off her dripping bikini until she stood totally naked between the long thighs of Beyonce. Beyonce reached up to feel Mariah's soft breasts but found her wrist grabbed and was pushed back onto the bed before she could reach her target. Grabbing her other wrist Mariah managed to pull Beyonce's unresisting body over the bed until her hands met the wooden bar that ran the length of the foot of the bed.

Here Beyonce made to speak but was hushed up by Mariah who was very efficiently using the belt and her bikini to tie Beyonce's arms as far apart as possible, while attached to the wooden bar. Beyonce was taken up in the whole moment and closed her eyes in pleasure as Mariah began to softly finger her love hole with a couple of fingers while with her other hand she reached down for Beyonce's discarded thong, brought it up , forced Beyonce to smell the sweet aroma off it then gently fed it into her waiting mouth as a makeshift gag.

"Don't go anywhere lover, I'll be back in a second" announced Mariah as she moved into the walk in cupboard to the right of the bathroom.

Somewhere in Beyonce's mind the thought flashed that someone else was in the cupboard and that here she was tied up like this at the mercy of whoever would appear. The thought excited her and scared her in equal measures at that point. So it was with a strange mixture of relief and disappointment that she saw Mariah reappear holding just a black holdall.

Mariah dipped her hand into the holdall and came out with an orange ball gag which she, after removing her panties, and an imperceptible nod of ascent from Beyonce, she fitted into the younger woman's waiting mouth. She pulled the straps tight around Beyonce's head and fastened them at the back in their buckle. Next out of the bag came two fierce looking ring-style nipple clamps. Beyonce's eyes widened when Mariah opened and closed them before her but could only look on as they were snapped onto her large nipples. Her face immediately contorted with the sudden stab of pain to her breasts but soon she had other distractions as Mariah hopped onto the bed between Beyonce's spread long legs and dipped her head low and began to lap with her tongue at Beyonce's exposed clit.

Beyonce writhed in pleasure at the work Mariah's tongue was doing. Each time it brushed one of her short shaven pussy hairs it sent a shiver through her body and when it lapped at her protruding clit she could barely contain herself. Which made it all the more of a surprise to her when, in one quick movement Mariah clipped another of the powerful clamps onto her clit. Mariah rocked back onto her knees to observe Beyonce's facial reaction to this sudden sharp pincer pain in her pussy. Her eyes bulged and she screamed into the gag at first until her body accepted the pain and she eventually stared defiantly back into Mariah's semi-mocking face.

"Good girl Bee! You want this don't you? You want me to punish you don't you? You've been such a naughty girl" Mariah whispered all this to Beyonce as she played with her captive's long brown hair and flicked her tongue seductively along her ear. Mariah took up a small bottle of her scent and sprayed it playfully over both women, filling the room with a powerful aroma of sex.

Beyonce stared hard back at Mariah, making her eyes plead to be taken by the older woman. Getting so turned on at being tied up in this fashion and being Mariah's submissive plaything. Mariah lifted up Beyonce's ankles and in a swift movement flipped them up and over Beyonce's head , the belt and bikini that restrained her wrists to the wooden bar had enough slack to turn round also and Beyonce found herself standing over the foot of the bed facing forward while leaning over slightly and her fabulous ass sticking invitingly up. Mariah wasted little time pulling a spreader bar from her holdall and attaching it to Beyonce's ankles, spreading her legs apart by a couple of feet.

Mariah stood up behind Beyonce when she had tightened the spreader bar and gave the singer a hard spank on her upturned ass.

"You like that don't you Bitch? You want it harder, don't you?" Beyonce nodded her head eagerly so Mariah proceeded with a flurry of solid slaps that rang throughout the room, leaving slight marks on Beyonce's perfect ass. Mariah then fitted a blindfold over Beyonce's eyes and took a seat by the window to help build the anticipation. Actually, that wasn't all she did , because she removed a state of the art video camera from her bag and positioned it to capture the scene clearly, she wanted to be able to watch this in the future and who knows who else would like to see it. To protect her own anonymity in the film she pulled on tight, black latex Catwoman style face mask, which rather matched the large bullwhip Mariah next pulled from the bag.

Mariah cracked the whip explosively feet away from Beyonce and smiled as the young singer gave a jump at the sudden noise, her blindness making her hearing that bit more sensitive. However, Mariah just played the handle of the whip over Beyonce's back, ass and thighs at this point, eager to further build her anticipation.

Mariah then took three weights from her bag and carefully connected them to the nipple clamps that Beyonce wore and one to the clamp on her clit. The weights were heavy enough to uncomfortably pull her breasts toward the floor and pull at her pussy, but not pull the clamps off. She watched her captive's body react to this new pain for a moment then, without warning, picked up the whip and mercilessly lashed it six times onto Beyonce's exposed behind. Each time eliciting a louder cry from behind the firmly lodged ball gag.

Each blow left a cruel looking strip-mark across Beyonce's backside and Mariah after the sixth halted and hooking her hands into Beyonce's long mane of hair pulled her head back and whispered into her ear "Are you enjoying this Bee? Does it turn you on?" To which Beyonce nodded her restrained head in agreement. Mariah cupped her hand, pushed past the weight attached to her clit and felt the sopping wet pussy of her slave as evidence of this and replied "I knew you would, I've known it since I first set eyes on you, I can tell you see what makes a pain loving slut!" and with that she delivered a further hard spank with her hand to Beyonce's sore bum.

Mariah left Beyonce standing there and again rummaged in the holdall, pulling out a strap on dildo with a difference. She stepped into the contraption and pulled it up and tightened it around her lower waist, clearly displaying the two dicks that stuck out from her crotch now. The top one was long and thin the bottom one much thicker and a little longer. Without indicating to the tied woman before her what she intended to do Mariah thrust both dildos in (one in her asshole and one in her wet pussy) gaining a satisfying groan from Beyonce as the invaded her.

Mariah quickly reached a hard and fast pace as she pumped her young slut and used Beyonce's flowing hair as a form of reigns to pull back on her head to penetrate deeper and deeper. As she thrust in she released both Beyonce's blindfold and gag allowing the camera to capture exactly who had suffered his treatment and how much she was enjoying it by her wild yelps of encouragement to her new Mistress.

Mariah fucked her for nearly half an hour with no respite or let up, by the time they both climaxed the sweat was dripping from their toned bodies and Mariah's big tits had bounced more than ever. Beyonce screamed her orgasm as the camera silently recorded the scene and as they both recovered from the effort Mariah slumped over Beyonce's body and Beyonce slumped on the bottom of the bed, the weights still cruelly pulling her skin towards the floor.

After a minute to compose herself Mariah spoke to Beyonce again "That was well done bitch, I can't tell you how long I've looked forward to doing that to you. But don't think that is all. I have so many things to do to and with you. Are you excited by that?"

"Yes Mistress" replied the subservient Beyonce.

"Good. I'm going to release you now and pack up and leave. You will tell no-one of what happened tonight and I will leave an address on your pillow which I will expect you to come to next weekend. If you don't come I will assume you have changed your mind , but I hope you won't .I want you to surrender yourself to me of your own accord"

With that Mariah pulled all her toys and instruments into the holdall and pulled on a long black trench coat and stepped outside with nothing else on and left Beyonce recovering on her bed , flushed with excitement. Mariah thought how pleased her Mistress would be with her as she exited the hotel.